The Democrats Biggest Ally Is….Trump?

The Democrats are underdogs right now.  They lost the presidency in case you have been living….well let’s be honest you know this if you’ve been alive.  They have control of niether the House or the Senate.  And very shortly they will lose the Supreme Court as well.  Like the Cavaliers in game 4 things look bleak. But they have a secret weapon.

45 himself.  Yes, The Donald is the Democrats best weapon.  I realize that this makes me sound like I may start tweeting in the early hours but he is slowing everything down.  He is the class clown in elementary school that the teacher has to put in the hallway so she can finish. He is that annoying person in your college psych class that won’t quit asking questions so you can leave.

As much as the Democrat electorate hates these insane tweets we want them, we need them.  The more Donald Trump acts like a spoiled kid who can’t get two happy kid’s meal toys the more everyone one has to deal with it.  Yes, it clogs up our news media like a corn dog in the artery, but it also forces the Republicans to take a break from destroying the country for big business.  There is a lot of push back on the new healthcare bill and I am sure many in the GOP would like to rally the troops around it. Instead they spend some time answering questions about the bill, sometime dealing with the wire tap allegations, and more time with the Russia problem.

Another great thing 45 has done for the Democrats is activate the voters. Normal election, the people are fired up hard until November.  By January passions have waned. By March a majority has no idea what is going on.  The more negative light Trump shines, the more people are paying attention.  People are outraged and concerned.  For the first time, in my memory, people care about what is happening on the Hill.  People are protesting in large numbers. Most exciting people are discussing current events. Yes, it’s less civil than a bar room brawl at times, but it’s being discussed.  The reason Trumps numbers keep dropping is people are engaged.  More than the I hate Obama so I am going to post a few memes.  People are reading articles watching the news and becoming more than fans of their party, but rather actual participants in the process. Voices are being heard by our Senators and Representatives.

45 also has problems with selling his ideas and getting his message across.  They wanted a non politician, well here you go. You get somebody who doesn’t know how to do the job.  The Democrats need to hold together until 2018. Then they have a chance. That will be their game 5. They can run the table from there.  The worst thing to happen would be for 45 to leave office and put Pence in.  If that happens they will have a leader who could lead without distractions.


Trump’s New Ban

President Trump handed down his new travel ban. Much like they call the new healthcare plan Obamacare light, this order is just a recycled watered down version of the original. Gone from the ban is Iraq.  After Iraq petitioned and many Republicans pointed out their strategic alliance Trump decided to exclude them.  Green card holders, permanent residents, and current visa holders are also given a pass.  The religious exemption has been removed from the order and Syrians are also now down to 90 days from indefinite.  The final change is the roll out will now take ten days rather than immediate.

The bill as a whole is still a testament to nationalism and xenophobia.  A change from that however, is that Trump cannot claim he has to roll out this due to information he is privy to. It was Jan 27 that it would be detrimental if it was not passed immediately.  Yet here we sit over a month later and no attacks. In addition reports have come out saying terrorists are more likely to be homegrown rather than smuggled in.

When people are young they can be cruel to each other.  One of the ways is to tell someone they are not allowed in a club or group.  Then that person’s resentment grows against those that are not allowed in.  This is the way the ban will help terrorism grow both abroad and at home. All 45 is doing is sticking his tongue out and telling those countries “nah nah you can’t come in”. And on the other side recruitment got a whole lot easier.  Now they can very simple point and say “see we told you it was us against them. They won’t even let you in”.  Meanwhile, here comes America with your freedom in your hometown.  Sorry we had to bomb the shit out of you first.  Hey since we are being so nice and giving you freedom you don’t mind if we leave a base here do you? Oh and no you can’t come over to our place.

I am all for vetting and border protection. But we do not just let people from these countries hope on a plane and come over. There is a vetting procedure in place.  There is a two year vetting process.  In the meantime most places Americans want to go we just hope on a plane show them our blue Passports and walk around like we own the place. I drank so much beer in Cancun I thought I was the King of Mexico.  I wouldn’t drink the water it’s like Trump has been in charge of their EPA for the last 20 Years.

We are the ones missing out with this ban.  We used to be a beacon of freedom.  We used to be the shining city on the hill.  We provided hope to the huddled masses.  Now we look like a bunch of scared little children led by a yuge frickin oompa loompa.  How can we sell freedom while telling others they can’t enjoy ours.

The New GOP Bill Is In. Does it Help?

After a long wait Trump and his GOP have finally rolled out their healthcare plan.  This is as confusing as it’s predecessor was.  The President said nobody knew how complicated healthcare is.  Well Mr. President, I think everyone did, except you.  When we are the wealthiest nation in the world it is a disgrace that we lag behind the rest of the world in healthcare. I have heard the ACA constantly called a failure by the GOP. They claim it has driven up health care costs and families couldn’t afford premiums.  I have breaking news for them, families couldn’t have afforded health care before.

In order to fix the health care I wish the government would look at the hospital costs first.  One Tylenol is $15. If you need an alcohol swab for a shot, get ready for a $23 dollar charge.  I am not against profit, but these prices are a wee bit extreme.  This however is not what we are looking at today.  Today is just about how we pay for it.  According to Kaiser Health News 90.9% of Americans have had health insurance for at least part of 2016. If this is a failure I need to “fail” more often.  They also say it is a job and business killer.  Yet every year during Obama’s tenure the unemployment rate fell and the economy improved. Not in huge numbers but a steady growth.  This is not a bad thing, think of weight loss.  We all know the person who goes on a crash diet and loses 30 lbs in 30 days.  The you see them 2 months later and they put on 120 lbs. Slow and steady wins the race, or as RUN DMC said Slow and Low is the Tempo.

The new bill does keep the pre-existing condition ban in.  Which as a diabetic I am glad for.  Also, for now, Medicaid is safe. However after 2020 they start to roll back coverage and money for Medicaid. With the largest generation reaching retirement age this could be an epidemic.  The new bill will also repeal individual and employer mandates.  It will take away the government subsides. Under the new bill there will be tax credits from 2,000 to 4,000 depending on age only.  Under the current ACA you get subsidies for age income and location of the market in which you reside.

All and all this bill reads as a great deal for the rich. Their taxes will go down.  They will not have to provide insurance for their employees.  The young and healthy will also benefit by paying lower premiums. The insurance companies will have benefits in tax breaks. The lower income people in expensive markets will have a hard time affording even basic care. Many may lose their coverage due to not being able to afford. Also the sick may have limits put on their coverage. A third loser may be the elderly who will pay higher premiums.   I suggest you all read the bill for yourself But please keep in mind that a country that spends billions on an aircraft, that gives subsidies to oil companies and has bailed out both banks and the auto industry should be able to make sure no one has to have a benefit dinner because their kid has cancer.

The (Soon To Be) Greatest Generation

I grew up in the 90s, which makes me a Generation Xer.  In case anyone forgot we were the generation that wore flannel.  We had shaggy hair and very moody.  Now we wear suits, have kids, and are beginning to take over running the country.

I talk to those my own age about the fear that is running around the millennials. How they cannot talk to anyone because they are obsessed with technology. They have no respect and are way too soft.  I have seen other millennials put their generation down for the same thing and I really only have one thing to say…..Bullshit.

For starters every generation says the same thing. I heard my dad complain about my music and the Beatles.  My grandpa said Elvis just ripped off darkies…sorry his words.  I am sure his dad referred to Sinatria as beatnik and Mozart’s dad probably told him to quit making so much noise. The generation before aways hates the next generation.  I however see this generation as America’s Great hope.

Yes, they dress funny, but I did dress like a lumberjack.  More importantly look at how they by their clothes.  They care about the companies that produce them.  A top shoe seller is Tom’s Shoes.  If you buy a pair they donate a pair to needy children.  Millennials look for corporations that are socially active. The hold the companies that take their money responsible.  My generation paid $200 for basketball shoes made by children overseas.  We didn’t have a care for anything outside our own world.

This generation cares about politics, they protest what upsets them.  I don’t always agree with their opinions but they are active and passionate.  To my knowledge the only generation as active as this one was the woodstock generation.  They helped advance both women’s issues and civil rights.  They helped end a war. The generation that followed and mine had no passion about social causes. We could both be considered the Gordon Gekko Generation because our great passion, our great cause was self involvement and greed.  I watch these millenas and think to myself they can do so much more than we did with such an early start. their potential is limitless.

It’s time for us to foster them.  They have the passion and a grasp on technology that will run the future world.  This is like having the 60s generation combined with the Carnegie/Rockefeller generation. A generation that has a strong social conscience and an understanding of a rapidly changing world.  I expect great things from this young generation.  I truly only have one complaint.  We gave them Cobain and Vedder and they gave us Miley and Bieber.

The Mad King’s Wild Weekend

To say it’s been a rough week for President Trump is akin to saying Myspace is struggling against Facebook.  Another one of his cabinet has been found to have meetings with a Russian official, it was found that his VP used, and had hacked, a personal email used as governor, and then the Saturday morning meltdown happened.  All this after a fairly successful speech in front of Congress.  I had thought,like most of the media, that perhaps he was settling into the job. I still wasn’t wildly crazy about his goals and he didn’t seem to lay forth a detailed plan however, he didn’t attack anyone or purposely try to divide us further.  On top of all that his Twitter account was mostly silent and I began to believe I might survive these next four years without a constant taste of bile in my mouth.  Such are the plans of mice and stupid, gullible, idiots like myself.

The Pence thing doesn’t bother me.  I find it funny he made such a big deal about emails, but at the end of the day what would a hacker really find in the Indiana Governor’s email? Crop reports? Basketball plays? Larry Bird’s address? With the Russian problem I listen to both sides, Fox and CNN.  I have heard many Republicans say this is politically motivated. I agree however it doesn’t mean its wrong.  Many say that Sessions as a Senator would meet with ambassadors.  True, but why have there been so many lies? We went from hearing that no one had contact, to Flynn had contact but did nothing wrong. We are now up to at least 4 surrogates all talking to a man that our intelligence community believes to be the biggest spy on US soil.

I am not alleging that the Trump campaign did anything wrong regarding Russia.  I do believe this needs looking into and so should they.  If Russia had anything to do with interfering in our elections it needs to be stopped now.  If Trump wants this to go away the quickest way is transparency. Yes, these people talked to the ambassador on these dates and this is what was discussed.  The lies make everyone suspicious.  If my wife asks me where I have been and I was at the bar I don’t say the library. If I was at the bar and said the library and she finds out, now I look guilty.  This leads us to Sessions.

He lied to Congress and he wasn’t even asked a question he needed to lie about.  He volunteered that he never talked to the Russians. The Republicans are surprised that Democrats want him to step down.  It wasn’t that long ago that a sitting president committed perjury and was impeached.  He should have been, he broke the law.  He lied over getting blow job. I am going to guess at least a 100 guys lie about getting or not getting head every day (probably more on Fridays and Saturdays). Sessions lied about meeting with a Russian spy – there needs to be repercussions.

And now the predictable meltdown on Twitter.  Our sitting President alleged, without proof, that his predecessor wiretapped his phones.  1 of 3 things are to be presumed about this. First, he was tapped and there is enough concern over Russian involvement that a judge issued a warrant. Second, our sitting President is as delusional and paranoid as the far left claims him to be.  Third, we are now being led by a diabolical genius.

None of these leave me with a feeling of cheer.  If I had to pick I think it’s number 3. He is calling for an investigation into these claims which will cost more time and slow the investigation into his own team.  While all this is going on America is not paying attention to the environment being slaughtered like a cow in Texas.  People are talking less about the families being broken up and deported.  This is what Trump wants – chaos.  For while we try to get to the bottom of his insane claims he is free to go about doing whatever he wants.  He’s definitely crazy and maybe like a fox.




Trump’s Big CPAC Lie

By now, if you had any interest in President Trumps CPAC speech you probably have heard most of the highlights. I have heard it dissected on NPR, CNN, FOX, and many other programs.  There is so much to be alarmed about, from his bashing of the media to the constant Trump made facts.  There is one area I find that has been largely overlooked and to me is the most telling of the current problems and perhaps the most concerning.

President Trump said there is no world currency, no world anthem.  He alluded that his only concern is America.  Now, setting aside the fact that a man that claims he loves America more than anyone. despite the fact he has bashed a war hero senator,one who I may not always agree with but has definitely spent his time in office working for the American people. He has spoke ill of a Gold Star family and said it was easier having some one give him a Purple Heart rather than earn one.  Funny way of loving America, but putting all that aside the President is wrong. Not literally, there is no world anthem, there probably should be, and there is no world currency. There is a world community though, and we ignore that at our peril.

Ever since the first humans gathered along river banks and formed societies we have been moving towards a global community.  We have built roads to reach each other.  Formed written languages to transfer our ideas. As the years turned to decades and faded into centuries which born into millennia we have achieved instant global connectivity. We can reach each other in so many ways.  We can reach out and drop a nuclear warhead in minutes or send forth a thought via email in a matter of seconds. We have instant news feeds of anything that happens, much like a moron can send out a tweet that shows his ignorance and be instantly read my millions.

We are a global community.  I have no problem with national pride but to think what we do doesn’t affect everyone or what they do can affect us is archaic thinking.  We have seen global depressions of the economy.  This is why the gas prices at my local pump go up when there is an earthquake in Venezuela.  Free trade is not taking jobs from Americans it is ensuring we will have jobs 20 years from now.  There was a time when America was so far ahead in all areas that the world needed us more than we needed them. Now in many areas we are so far behind, idiots think we are winning the race.  We have reached a crucial turning point in human history, one in which there are two paths. The first we can continue with a sense of nationalism and xenophobia.  We can shut out others ideas build our military and turn to fighting for a small minded agenda.  Or we can expand. Trade free thought and foster others into a sense of community.

I hate to use such a nerdy example but we can learn from Star Trek. We need to cooperate with each other, share resources, and information.  This will be the only way to expand into space, eradicate disease, and achieve new bounds in science and technology.  We all realize earth’s resources our finite.  Before we hit a crucial point to where we are literally killing for water and air, we need to learn to pool these resources.  Find ways to protect them and utilize them for all mankind. Trump’s plan of making America great is to take us back 50 years.  We cannot go back, only forward. Perhaps Trump should focus on what a Great American said in a time period he wants to go back to, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.  It’s time to start taking those leaps forward and quit taking small steps back.

Trump’s Most Dangerous Move

Sure the wholesale rape of our environment will cause problems for years to come.  The soulless sale of the White House may give lawmakers and historians plenty to write about for decades. Of course these first few weeks of executive orders will allow both the right and the left to argue for the next few elections, and the late night TV writers have more than enough material for many shows to come with the careless pick of the cabinet. However, the xenophobic and populist attitude of 45 may be the most damning of all the current concerns.

It started with posturing during the elections.  He would build a wall and ban Muslims. Good soundbites but very general in nature.  Then he became president and ran through executive orders like I run down the menu at Taco Bell on Saturday morning around 2 AM. He pulled us out of the Trans Pacific Partnership.  I deal that was brought up by Obama with allies like Australia and Japan.  Trump did this because he thought it would hurt jobs. First this is backwards thinking in a global economy. I used to sell Hondas in Toledo, Ohio, a union town.  I would hear all the time, I really would rather buy America.  Ironically, besides the fact they were at a Honda Dealership using that as an objection, is that the most American made car, parts and labor, is the Honda Accord. 90% produced in the US.  Made in America no longer means an American Company.  Long gone are the days of Ford, Chevy, and John Deere.  Things are made all over and shipped everywhere, blame Columbus and Marco Polo for that. The other thing the Trans Pacific Partnership did was give the US a standing in the pacific region.  It gave us clout in an area that is dominated by China.  Which leads us into another gaffe by President Trump.

He told The Washington Post.  Everything is negotiable even the One China Policy. The One China Policy is a policy followed by the US is 1979 that states Taiwan is not an independent nation,rather part of China. By us siding with Taiwan it would be the same as when European countries sided with the south.  Like it or no this is an internal matter of the Chinese government and we cannot afford to go into other nations and fight there civil wars. Not to too mention China has the largest army in the world and diplomacy is a much better way then an all out war over an issue expected by the international community.

Trumps policies to make America Great have been looked down by the rest of the world.  From his desire to pull out of NATO, his backing of Brexit, to his disparaging comments to NATO.  We can not make America Great by offending our allies and pretending we are the only country that matters.  It is not only a Global Economy but a Global Community. America will never be great if all of our neighbors in this community hate us. If we can no longer freely trade and we have no allies to back our opinion it will not be long before someone else flag waves of the purple mountain majesties.

The Democratic Party Is The True Right To Life Party

I grew up in a very strict Roman Catholic household.  We went to all Holy Days of Obligation.  During Lent we gave up meat on Fridays.  I still have scabs on my knees from praying rosaries in front of a statue of the Blessed Mother.  I grew up knowing we were Catholic, Pro-life, and republican. Eventually, like most kids I just grew up; well my wife may have other thoughts, but for the sake of the article lets just say I began to think for myself.  I began to read different opinions, which was frowned upon by my parents. What has caused me to accept as the truth, is that the true pro-lifers are democrats.

The little secret that Republicans don’t want you to know is that abortions are only a small part of the pro-life culture.  I will not be debating Roe Vs. Wade here. They are more than enough articles, blogs, and books written on this subject.  I would like to say that even if you are against abortion, you have to admit there has to be a better way to get your point across than screaming at a young girl about to make the hardest decision of her life. What I would like to talk about is the mission statement of the National Right to Life which is to protect and defend the most fundamental right of humankind, the right to life of every innocent human being from the beginning of life to natural death.

The first issue I have with the GOP saying they are the pro-life party is their love of the death penalty.  Now you could make the argument that the mission statement says innocent life and you could say well, these guys are not innocent.  However we have seen decades old cases of people being released due to DNA. If even one of these men or women is innocent the defense of protecting human life until NATURAL DEATH is a failure.  There may be a few cases that are cut and dried but we don’t just put to death the ones that are obvious or admitted.  The Catholic Church has allowed for the death penalty but only in cases where it is the only solution to stop an individual from murder. In our society this will never be the case. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons they currently at the time of this writing have 189,130 prisoners and according to a 2013 Government Accounting Office report 7.1% of that population is in solitary confinement.  Know without going into the problems of our penal system, this number would suggest we can protect people from those that continue to post a danger.

The next part I would like to bring up is sure to anger many died in the wool conservative right, healthcare.  If the aim is truly to protect human life, healthcare is vital.  As one of the richest nations on the planet we cannot look at the population and say “OK, you have very aggressive cancer, how much do you make a year and who is your insurance carrier?”.  Either we take care of everyone no matter what their income level or we just admit all lives are based on potential earnings.  32 of the 33 developed nations have Universal Healthcare. As of right now the US is one of them and to leave this would be beyond cruel.  I once saw a Canadian citizen post “Yes, we pay more in taxes for healthcare but if that means a 20 year old doesn’t have to start a GO FUND ME campaign so he can get a transplant I am OK with that.” Me too, and this came from a guy that thinks hockey is the greatest sport ever and ham is bacon.

Third on my list is the refugees.  I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS COUNTRY THINKING!! You want to save unborn babies but not refugee children? Are we such a self absorbed nation that we only want to save our own citizens, unborn or not, and tough luck to the rest of the world.  It says, defend every innocent life, not every innocent life that has a US Passport. In 1939 things were heating up in Germany and a group of 900 Jewish Germans boarded a ship called the St. Louis and set sail for Cuba and the US. Due to fear of the immigrants they were turned back to Germany, 254 died in the Holocaust. Does any thing here ring a bell?

Next up, a livable wage. A livable wage is not a handout or for those to lazy to get a job. It is about making sure that the single mom working two jobs can afford to put food on the table. Its about making sure that the old guy bagging your groceries can go home to warm house and lights to his wife.  This is not a greedy proposal and it is doable.  I have heard the arguments that everything would just go up and people still wouldn’t have a living wage.  OK then lets combine welfare reform with this idea.  Rather than having people who get a job lose their benefits, they get amended benefits.  Say they get a job at the local burger shack they are bringing home 1,200 month.  Say living wage is 2,300 a month.  I would be more than happy with my tax dollars going to 1,100 dollars worth of groceries and utility help.  Oil Change International has stated that the US spends $37.5 Billion dollars in Oil Subsides. The 5 major oil companies made $93 Billion last year. If you have profits of $93 billion dollars I think you can squeak by without handouts from the government.  I think maybe the poor guy making less than $10 dollars and hour might need a little more help.

The GOP can stand in front of an American Flag and holler about the killing of innocent unborn children but at some point they need to come to terms with the millions of living people that need help.  They can scream about the sanctity of life, but then they need to kneel down and explain to a 9 year old with Leukemia that her parents don’t make enough to get the treatment, she will have to die.  Let them shut down all the Planned Parenthoods but make them eat their country club dinners in front of a single mom with hungry kids. Allow them to keep their death penalty, but if they make a mistake one of them has to sacrifice their life.  Until that day I consider the Democratic Party the Right to Life Party.


Looking Past the Fast Food News

I’ve taken to healthy eating and exercise as I near my fourth decade. So fast food has taken a back seat.  This is not to say I don’t enjoy some every now and then, but it is not as bad as it was in my twenties.  I used to love them all even though I knew it was horrible for me.  I knew it had zero nutritional value, was bad for my body, and in the end would probably kill me.  However every time I drove by the golden arches and smelled the fries or saw the pig tails of Wendy I would turn in and dinner was served.  For all the downsides the fleeting pleasure of tangy sauce on a Big Mac or the flame broiled taste of a Whopper would over power my common sense. Unfortunately I have a new fast food….President number 45.

I cannot stop. I get his tweets, watch all the news channels, and read everything from print to online.  Now I have a much better enabler than a creepy red headed clown wearing yellow and that is everyone in the know universe.  Try to spend one day and not hear something boneheaded our Cheeto in charge has said. You don’t watch TV and some one quotes it on Facebook. Don’t turn on the computer and some yahoo at work says “hey did you hear about the presidents plan to use bug spray to stop illegal aliens. Skip work and turn on the radio and sooner or later some DJ is quoting Rush Limbaugh, “Trump has the most supporters since Jesus Christ”.  Turn off the radio to stop in the grocery store and there in aisle five, from the tabloids, some girl claims to have a Trump baby.  The news is everywhere!!

I cannot remember, in my life time, a politician getting this much coverage. Not even when Bill was rounding third and heading to home plate. I almost feel bad for Trump.  I almost understand his pain at the media’s constant coverage of his mistakes.  But then I remember this is his circus, and he is the ringmaster.  It started with the jabs during the primaries.  He let the tweets fly during the general election.  He trained the media on how to respond to him on his reality show. This is what he loves.  He only made one miscalculation in his plan.  He forgot the job he was gunning for was on a much grander scale than anything he ever imagined and his mistakes would effect millions.

We are enamored to this presidency because the stakes are so enormously high but the man who is conducting the show seems unhinged and unhealthily obsessed with ratings that doesn’t matter. You can be hated, the most hated president of all time in fact, but if you don’t sink the nation and find away to make a few positive changes, history can still view you favorably. Ask Bill Clinton who was impeached, but people have begun to remember him and his time in office with respect.  I have heard people talk about Nixon’s stimulus plan that smashed down the deficit and how he ended the draft.  This, by a president who resigned in disgrace. However the way 45 is going, we will be lucky to have a country to reminisce about him in.

He lives for adoration.  We witnessed this at his rallies.  He wants the big headlines, and for a time it worked very well.  He loved negative press for his foes.  He was giddy when leaks of Hillary’s email were released.  But after the crowd’s went home and he was left with the job, like a wish on a monkey’s paw, he found that he was working for as all, not just the fevered mass that he catered to. Now leaks are a bad thing and  the press are his enemy because  they are on the job 24 hours a day and do report his mistakes.

Because he is so vocal it seems like a reality show and yes, we the public are addicted. However it is our job to not sit comatose enjoying the show.  We need to be witnesses. We need to see past the tweets and rants and let our congress know we will not sit idly by well our environment is destroyed for corporations.  We will not tolerate our government being bought by donors.  This is our country and we hold the future! The Donald is our employee and if need be we will look him in the eyes and say you’re fired!

Not The Leader We Need But The Leader We Deserve

So we are less than a month in the Reign of Donald. If you love him or loath him it you cannot deny it has been entertaining.  I have seen some things I like. The Honorable Gorsuch seems to be a good pick. He is conservative but don’t fret liberals his judgment’s seem to indicate he reads the law and adheres to it which honestly we can’t ask any more from a Supreme Court Justice.  As a veteran I love the General Mattis pick.  Yes he is known as the “Mad dog” but he believes in supporting the troops and having a plan.  The rest of news has been across between a shaken up Coke and a teenage driver on an icy road at 1 am heading to his girlfriend’s whose parents aren’t home.  Its exciting, its fast paced, but it has disaster written all over it and it’s going to get messy.

All Trump supporters asked America to give him a chance and I was willing. Its been less than a month and lets hit some highlights.  Our Commander in Chief wakes up every morning and tweets everything that has aggravated him.  Not in a presidential anger, like Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall, but a grade schooler, you were mean to me and you smell bad and I hate you stinky head type of way. This in itself does not make him a bad president. Sad and open for ridicule, but not bad.  He would do well to give his twitter account or a break.  Another plan for him would be similar when I go to get drunk. I know I will think I am clever and want to post or text people and the next morning I read them and think, I am an idiot. So I leave my phone at home.  Wait, Mr. Trump, give it till lunch then if you must tweet away.

We have seen His Security Adviser have the shortest career since I thought I would work at Burger King in high school and was like…Nope.  He apparently talked to the Russians and discussed things he wasn’t allowed to,which he should have known at this point in his career.  Then lied to the vice president about what he talked about.  Which the President didn’t know about, except for the fact the Intelligent Agencies told him and Obama that.  President Trump said he did so with out his knowledge.  At 40 I have had a lot of jobs in different industries.  NO Employee has that much initiative, ever. Not even the apostles were saying to Jesus “Hey Jesus great news talked to Pilot and guess what your all good I was bridging the gap for you.”

He pissed of Australia, and that’s not only hard to do its dangerous. Has he never seen Crocodile Dundee? Those guys will grab some natives and go ape on you.  He pissed off Mexico (although I do enjoy President Enrique Pena Neito tell him no on paying for the wall.) We saw a horrible roll out of his travel ban, that sent protesters to the airports and had them cheering for Muslims praying. Please think about this. We had Americans…at the airport…cheering for Muslims praying. Now think about 2005 attitude…yeah.. funny right? These are just few things and its really everything we wanted.

That’s right! We wanted a non politician with no experience.  This is what happens.  In defense of Trump, take your local mayor put him in charge of Trumps empire and I believe you would get the same results.  A huge job like running a country or a fortune 500 company is not something you can watch two hours of training videos and be like yeah I got this..Ding fries are done.

President Trump is trying to run this country like his company.  His company was family owned the only person he really had to take care of was himself.  He didn’t even have a corporate board to report to.  First he needs to realize he is not the big boss.  He is one of three. His needs are actually the least that need to be covered. Until he can realize this, learn to compromise, and listen to others the West Wing will continue with the gaffes and turmoil.

Its even worse when it comes to his fragile ego.  His latest interview showed the strain he feels. A man who calls others snowflakes but then lashes out at criticism from the press (possibly our 4th arm of Government).  He goes nuclear over SNL skits.  Its like he didn’t watch them with Clinton and W.  ( Man I miss Will Ferrell.)

At the end of the day we are to blame. Not just the Trump voters, but all of us that watched reality TV, cared more about what celebrity dated what celebrity, and didn’t get involved with politics except to bitch. When things got so bad we just wanted a non politician, its why Bernie Sanders did so well.  We cried for an outsider rather than try to vote for educated people that may have been less popular or not in our party.  Well here we are America watching United States Live.